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Why Corex Pay?

I have seen a lot of earning platforms that have failed us in this country. Hence, I come up with an alternative option that works for Nigerians to see the legitimate hustle and genuine people behind earning system without hiding or anonymously run away with people’s money.

Is this reliable?

Absolutely! 100% guarantee, we promise to pay your earning as at when due. We have associated with advertising agencies and big brands to make sure of more advert campaigns and revenue inflow. We also welcome business owners to advertise with us at an affordable rate.

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You earn #1,000 for every referral you make, regardless of the subscription plan.
Maximum withdrawal for affiliate bonus is #5,000. That’s to say you can’t withdrawal more than #5,000 at the end of your 14 days plan. Every leftover affiliate earnings will be carried over to your next withdrawal date.
NOTE: This affiliate program is totally optional

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Most frequent questions and answers

We’re glad you asked. This is by far our most-asked question, and we’ll take the time to answer it properly. You’ve probably read all the warnings on the Internet about Facebook advertising sites that ask you to pay upfront to gain access to their services.

This is sound advice, as you really don’t want to put your money into an internet scam. One problem though. Being a free service, nothing keeps anyone from creating empty accounts and using them to make money from the service while providing no value in return.

To prevent this happening, we introduced subscriptions and limited the subscription period to 1 month at a time (2 months on referring 5 friends). Of course, anyone with a keen eye can see that, over time, what you pay to get started is nowhere compare to what we pay you. Even so, we find it worth pointing out. The essence of your upfront payment, thus, is to protect our service from abuse.

Absolutely not. What do you think this is? H2i or other MLM? You don’t have to refer a single person if you don’t want to. You can set up your account and begin earning right away. However, if you do decide to refer a friend to also enjoy the benefits you enjoy from our service, and to help expand our reach, we’ll pay you  5% to 10% commission per referral. This money is added to your account balance, money you can withdraw to your bank account along with the rest of your earnings.

If you refer up to 5 people to subscribe, we extend your subscription period by 30 days, at no extra cost! Note that you must have an active subscription in order to be rewarded for referrals.

As we do not speak dowdiness, only people you directly refer with your own referral link are acknowledged as your referrals. In other words, a referral of a referral is a non-referral. Capisce?

After your subscription period is extended by 30 days, further referrals up to 5 will continue rewarding you another 30 days subscription bonus. If dont have referral and your subscrption expired, you can renew your subscription otherwise your account will be terminated.
If you wish to continue (and given how awesome this is, why wouldn’t you?), simply resubscribe. Same rules as before. 5 new referrals (which we must stress, are optional) will still grant you an extra month on your new subscription. On and on it goes, ad infinitum.
Login to your dashboard and locate Daily Campaign from your dashboard menu, click on it to see our daily ads campaign, open it share  by clicking the share button below it.
Receiving your payment could take minutes or hours. Most payments clear within 24 hours.
YES! You are free to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at anytime.
Once you upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, your previous plan will be canceled automatically to start your new plan benefits.
Well, we had to choose between asking you to share multiple links daily for minuscule amounts and sharing one link for a relatively large amount. If you were sharing multiple times, then you would effectively be spamming your Facebook friends, and would very likely get your Facebook account suspended. Since we wouldn’t want that, there you go. Once a day seems to work just fine for everyone though.

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